Wednesday, April 11, 2012

waste not

Okay, this is a catch-up post.  I feel like I haven't posted in forever!  Not that anything particularly interesting has been going on.....So, it is starting to feel like Spring, finally!  A few of my daffodils bloomed today which made me happy, and my crocuses are blooming also.  Last week, though, this is what I woke up to one of the days:
Mind you, it all melted off by the afternoon, but it was a surprise to wake up to white. I took a picture because I thought it looked like someone dumped powdered sugar all over! And, here's a gratuitous dog shot, lol!
Last Saturday Jan and I drove over to Medford to shop for Mya's birthday. Mya is turning 11 and didn't really give Jan much to go on for what she wanted. She said she wanted a bunny. While over there we stopped into Craft Warehouse and their fabric was all 30% off! Yikes. So, I picked a bunch of stuff out and mostly got 1/2 yard cuts and some fat quarters. The fat quarters weren't on sale but they weren't in bolts.
It totally looks like I have something planned to do with these since they kind of go together, but - nope, no plans yet. I just really had to have that sheep fabric! Yikes. so cute. and the bees. Lovin bees lately :)
So, Sunday (Easter) I had totally planned on being a lazy bone-jones with the boys, buuuuut then felt like I should go to church. I'm glad I did. The service started an hour earlier than normal and I really appreciated being home by noon even after stopping at the store! So, we took a nap and then I felt like I should at least make something. 
I had this square leftover from the stars quilt and thought it might make a nice potholder.  I chopped it down a little and picked around in my stash and found the polka dots.  Luckily my Mom just sent it to me since it matches perfectly!  The binding took me a few.  I was going to go with some sort of contrasting bright color or something but then my eye landed on this teeny little stripe I had.  I quilted it with a loop de loop, which was sort of fun.  A little trickier free motion quilting with two layers of batting essentially, regular batting and then the thermo stuff.
This weekend I have the spring scrapbooking retreat so will be out till next week.  Jan isn't going this year!  You know, something er other about Mya's birthday party.... ;) I know all the ladies so there won't be a shortage of people to talk to, but you know, it's just not the same without your bestie.  Eh.

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