Sunday, April 1, 2012

a couple finishes

And so, I finished the granny squares quilt last Sunday!  Ya-hoo!
finished granny square quilt
I really like the way it turned out.  I decided to stipple the quilt instead of straight stitching around the squares and I'm glad I did.  It has a nice crinkly look to it.  Here's an up close of the quilting:
up close
And the backing is a super fun citrusy print. Connie said it reminded her of those big swirly lollipops.
back of granny squares quilt
And a gratuitous binding shot! Lol, it turn out how I thought it would at all. I was thinking that the stripes would be short, not long. But, after I had already started cutting the bias binding and realized it I also decided I was not going to start over! Besides it takes a lot more fabric to cut the binding the other way not on the bias....I think it fits the quilt anyways :)
stripey binding
Yesterday there was a scrapbooking get-together and I thought it would be brilliant to take my stars quilt and use the big table to pin baste the layers together. Um, not so much. I think it's much better to tape down the backing so it stays put. But, my knees don't hate me today so I guess it's a trade-off :) I finished my pompom wreath which I realized that I didn't take a picture of, sorry. Trust me though it turned out super cute! Here's what I'm working on today:
stars quilt
This is by far not my best quilting, but oh well.  I really just wanted to stitch around each squares.  I thought it would look fun to hand quilt.  But, I did like one point and realized that would kill my hands and I might just chop the whole thing up!  The walking foot was going to be a huge pain turning around each star so I decided to try my hand at straight stitching with the free motion foot.  Way, way easier....but sort of tricky in areas to get a straight line.  This is going to be my curl up on the couch quilt so I chose flannel for the backing.  Here's the back:
back of the stars quilt
I had one of the stars leftover from the front, the gray floral with the red center.  It just didn't play nicely with the other squares as much as I really wanted it to work.  Then, yesterday when I was putting the backing together I realized that I didn't want a big turquoise chunk, I felt like it didn't make sense.  So, I made the other two and called it good.  You can sort of see the quilting on the back, but not too clearly.  All I have left is the binding and then I can put it to use!
The boys hung out with me in the craft house.  They, like George, want to have the door open and watch the goings on in the back yard even though it's kind of too cold to have the door open!  But really, how stinkin cute is Joey???
So, yep the door stays open.

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