Saturday, February 11, 2012

Siena's quilt

And, so.  Here is my "swoon-ish" quilt!  I think it turned out pretty well.  There were a few times I wanted to throw it across the room and then remind myself that I am not an idiot.  Oh, yes....there are lots of mistakes here.  But, from afar you can't see them, lol!  I made this quilt for my friend Kristin's new baby, Siena.  She had not found out what she was going to have so I had to wait for her to be born to know what type of quilt I'd be making.  I had been wanting to try a swoon block, but too cheap to buy the pattern you remember, and I saw this quilt on flickr and thought "that's perfect!"  These colors remind me of Kristin, and at first she wasn't digging the girly pink stuff.  Of course, after this was already in the works I heard that she had embraced it.  Oh well.  She gets modern not obviously girly from me :)
100_2955[1] Sorry this picture didn't turn out brighter.  So, basically where I was ready to throw it were the bigger brown parts, where a flying goose block meets a rectangle.  I could NOT for the life of me get my flying geese to end up 3'x6' and have the corners not end up smaller than the rectangle.  I had to end up making my geese taller by 1/2 an inch, therefore having to add fabric to all the border pieces.  Which, I had to just come to terms with and realize that once I stipple over it it wouldn't be glaringly obvious.  Here's a close up of the middle medallion so you can see the colors a little better?
This is the first quilt that I tried using a basting spray.  I have to say that I love not getting poked by pins, but other than that not super impressed.  The perimeter started to lose adhesiveness as I was quilting so the layers were just free and then I wished I had pinned.  Not sure what the malfunction was because I felt like I had really sprayed well and covered the entire area.  eh.  Maybe a different brand will be stickier?  I haven't totally given up yet.
Here's the back:
100_2957[1]The color is bad in these pictures!  Dang.  Well, the back is a nice sherbety limey green.  I had picked the binding based on how it would look from the front and then had the whole thing all sewn on and realized - doh!  Christmas colors from the back.  Oh well.  It doesn't look terrible.  The binding is a fun red on red check.
I'm seriously struggling not starting a new quilt this weekend!!!!  Yikes.  I need to finish the star quilt.  Need. to.  Because I get chilly at night watching tv and I do actually need it.  Um.  but then there's this really cute granny squares quilt, it's like granny squares idea from crocheting but then it's with fabric.  And I love it and I just want to make it.  And there's a tutorial that looks really easy, making it even harder to resist.  And I do have so many scraps that would be so pretty together.....
And then there's this one, with fun stars that are so wonky and look scattered all over the quilt.  That would be a cute quilt too.  And there's a tutorial for that one too.  I mean, what's a girl to do?  I only have 2 days now for the weekend and I must spend it wisely.  Bah!

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