Wednesday, February 22, 2012

granny squares and fabric and prayer

100_2960[1] by colimachia
100_2960[1], a photo by colimachia on Flickr.
So, this past weekend I worked on some more granny squares. I'm up to 16, there's an additional row that I didn't get a picture of.  The original pattern calls for 20 but I kind of want it a little bit bigger so I was thinking possibly 30 finished squares. I was thinking I'd do some white sashing in between each square and then a scrappy border after that. I've been using a ton from various scrap bags that Mom gave me or ones that I picked up at the thrift and stashed away. It's fun using tiny scraps that might otherwise not get used but that I've loved the fabric and wanted to somehow be able to keep and see them. I'm really digging how bright these are turning out, course I've done that on purpose. You know, cuz I love bright colors.
So, this past weekend, Joann's was having a good sale for President's Day, where you could get extra 20% off of entire purchase for past or present military. I took advantage of this extra discount, yes I did :) I picked up mostly basic supplies like a pillow form, white fabric, sequins, and quilting safety pins. But, as I was browsing around, my eye caught this stripey fabric, which is my all-time favorite fabric! Yikes! I fought the urge to buy all they had, because frankly I don't need it....but I did buy a yard and a half. I love it for a binding and to mix in with other fabrics. It doesn't look like anything exciting but it's the perfect mixer-inner. Yup, that's a word. I thought the gray polka dot would also be a nice binding fabric. I love a stripey or dotty binding. I also thought it would be cute mixed into my granny squares.
I think I'm finally getting used to a 2 day weekend. This past one I didn't feel like every second was being wasted if I wasn't focused on sewing or reading or something useful. I went to scrapbooking, and was okay with not getting much done. It was nice to chat the day away. I have even been struggling to take the time to go to church, it's 2 hours right in the middle of the morning when I usually like to have coffee and bust out a few squares. I think this weekend I'll get back to church.
So, I had a nice reminder today when I least expected it. I was reminded by a lady at work that I should pray. This is something I know, but seldom think to do in certain situations. I know the bible says to "pray without ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 KJV. And, in another vein it reminded me of a theme that keeps popping up....which usually means to me that God is trying to get me to do something and I should listen up :) Let's see, where should I start this story? I'm not sure when exactly picking a word for the year entered my consciousness. But, mostly likely it was close to January, at or around this blog post by Modern Marigold.  And she maybe (?) got her word idea from this post.  I don't even know about that, it's just credited on her post so it's possible.  At the time, I thought, hmmm - what in the world would my word be?  Dunno.  and moved on.  I listen to a cd of Joyce Meyer and there is a part when she says not to worry about things, to pray instead.  At every urge to worry just pray instead.  Then, stumbled across a Guidepost that had gotten stuck in a pile of mail and wouldn't you know it?  It had Debbie Macomber on the cover and what was she talking about?  How she chooses a word to live by each year.  Yikes.  Okay so I was just starting to pay attention the recurring theme.  Last year was memorizing scripture, which, let's face it I'm not the greatest at.  So maybe this year God is like how bout I make it super easy for you and you just have to remember ONE word????  I do always ask for him to make things obvious and easy for me -grin.  Um, so that's a super long winded version of me saying that I've picked my word for the year and it's pray

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