Sunday, February 12, 2012

attack of the granny squares!

So, Friday I couldn't decide if I should stay on task with my red/turquoise star quilt....or start something new.  And, I woke up Saturday dreaming about granny squares.  Literally.  In my dream I was cutting out different squares and comparing what colors would look the best together.  In my dream, and in real life I decided mostly solid backround colors and very distinct color differences would make the best combination.
What do you think?  This is what I have so far:
granny square quilt
I think I sharted the link in the last post for the tutorial, but I'll share it again in case you don't want to scroll down.  So anyways, I woke up thinking about granny squares and just dove right in.  I made the two on the far right before the baby shower and then the rest  last night and this morning.  These are actually really dinky squares, mine came to 9 inches!  The little squares are only 2.5 inches, which for me is a little too fiddly.  I don't know how people do those postcard quilts!!!  I might lose my mind if I did.  Or not.  Who knows?  So,  the baby shower was yesterday and I gave Kristin the quilt.  I think she liked it, she said she really liked the fabric.  Hopefully she will get a lot of use out of it!
I guess that's all that's new around here.  Man, 2 day weekends sure do go fast!  I was spoiled for too long....

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