Saturday, March 12, 2011

vintage sheet bar quilt donezo

So I finished the quilt last night!  Yesss!  I burned dinner again, but I really wanted to be DONE.  And now I am :)  First up is a pic of me trying to hold it up, not quite tall enough for it not to drag on the ground.  I estimate that it is right about twin sized.
finished quilt
And here it is on the ground:
front view
Here's the back view:
back of quilt
the back is a full on Monet, and I'm glad you can't see all the snarls and imperfections in the picture! Holy cow. You can kind of see how the back sheet is puckery, I didn't notice that it had gotten some puckers until I had quilted too much to rip out. I was more concerned with the tension that was messing up! The tension seemed to calm down a little bit better for the border, but there were a couple times I was ready to kill my machine. Here's a close up of the border:
folded quilt
I was debating yesterday what kind of fabric to use for the binding and I was right about to go with regular fabric instead of vintage sheet, but changed my mind at the last second. This blue print is one of the first vintage sheets I ever bought! It's a fitted sheet, so I have a lot of it since those are not my favorite to work with. I machine sewed the whole binding instead of hand sewing the back part. I don't like the way the hand stitching kind of looks twisted and puckery (to me). But, I don't like the way the machine stitching shows on the back, eh. It's a trade-off I suppose.
So, all in all a vintage sheet quilt success! I used VS for everything except the pink solid border. The white parts are even VS, it was a full sized 100% cotton that had a printed top border.  And, the only thing I had to buy was cotton quilting thread!  Bonus.  Everything including the batting was already in my stash.


mainer said...

Beautiful. Your fabric selection is great. Even better that it didn't cost much.

Jodie said...

Colima - this is beautiful! I *love* it and you are the only person who will ever notice the flaws.

roseylittlethings said...

I lOVE it! the back is amazing, I want to cover my whole house in that print!

Evelyn said...

It's wonderful! Great job on finishing it up. I just love how it turned out, and I love the fabrics you chose for the binding and the backing. Awesome!!!