Sunday, March 20, 2011

purple binding finish

folded quilt
And so, the quilt is finito! For the binding I got super lucky that I had this purple floral in my stash. It's from a few years ago, leftover scraps from a scrub top that I made! I had just enough scraps to eke out the binding, phew! and good thing too because my purple fabrics were just all wrong...not enough of this, that one was too light, blah blah. You know how it is :)
So, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this rug since I first saw it!!!!  I've been thinking maybe, just maybe I'll have to learn how to make granny squares and make my own.  I have lots of bright colors in my stash and it would be fun to have a colorful rug under my sewing machine!
Another thing I was thinking this morning about is that I don't think I read quite enough.  I've got stacks of books that I just haven't had any interest in reading.  But also don't want to get rid of them till I've read em.  So I thought maybe I need to make myself read them and that way I can get rid of them in Jan's yard sale this Summer (if she has one).


mainer said...

Reading is good. Do some every that binding.

Evelyn said...

Great job finishing it up! It looks wonderful - I'm sure baby & mom will cherish it!