Sunday, March 6, 2011

I don't have a pic for this post, but I wanted to share anyways.  I have stippled the quilt!  Oh man.  Seriously I am such a wimp!!!!  My hands are sore and my ankle and foot from holding the foot down at a certain speed allll day long yesterday!  I did buy some of those gloves with the grippies on them, I think they helped a LOT, but my hands still felt crampy by the end of the day.  I finished it up today, still need to think of what I want to do with the borders (pink part).  I have to say that my machine realllly doesn't like to quilt.  The tension acted up all day yesterday and then in one area the thread kept breaking off.  I used the cotton thread and a good needle so I think it just was the fabric?  At one point I almost gave up, partly the tension was driving me bananas, then I thought maybe I'd adjust the bobbin screw tension thing and lost the teeeny tiny bobbin screw.  Never found it either, it's somewhere on my floor in the carpet!  grrr.  Luckily I had my old machine (super old yellow metal Brother machine) in the closet and I took it out thinking maybe I'd switch to that machine and just straight quilt.  Then a light went on and I took the bobbin thing out and the screws matched!  Yesss, back in business.  After that it went okay.  There are tons of snarls that I'm working on, but all in all not a total loss.

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