Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Florida musical dream

Thought I'd share another of my silly dreams.This morning-ish I dreamt that I was in a musical in Florida.  The premise of the musical was about this group of people vacationing from San Francisco and the group was so impressed with the warmth and tropicalness of Florida.  So, at first we were unpacking our clothes and then we all convened outside in a beautiful courtyard surrounded with lush green tropical plants and trees.  Cue dancing and singing along the courtyard down a walkway towards a beautiful house.  And the song was something like *glorious song voice* San-Fran-cisco! Dreary, foggy, overcast - COLD!!!!  and here we are in *Flor-ida!!!!  Warm, beautiful, sunny, tropical.  In the dream it all made sense and flowed in a fabulous song and we were all dancing around in a show-tunsey kind of way. 

I woke up super tired, but also really wanting to be in Florida in warmth and sunshine......grin :)

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mom said...

love being able to see you are doing creatively. now onto finishing your quilt! love mom