Saturday, January 23, 2016

sock ramblings

I finished the socks I cast on Christmas Eve.  I finished knitting last night and wove in ends this morning!  So excited to finish these :)  I have been knitting on breaks at work and at night watching tv or podcasts.  I feel like, for me, these went pretty quickly.

One big thing I learned about myself while knitting these socks is this: I love double pointed needles!  I used US 1.5 sized hiya hiya sharps and I loved it.  Last year I had gotten a notion that I should try two at a time socks on one needle.  I did start two pairs that way.  One the cable wasn't really long enough maybe?  I don't know it just felt awkward.  That's why I cast on the second pair because I bought a longer cable and smaller size and those did go quicker.

But!  I found myself avoiding them.  Like an inward groan everytime I'd think I could work on my socks.  So, with my Christmas socks, it was totally different.  No groaning, no avoidance, I looked forward to knitting them.  The needles are so light and just go so quick!  So since the needles were freed up from the Christmas socks I transferred these languishing socks, and it's like a new project.
 I've been thinking that I might want to join the sock yarn blanket craze.  Maybe. I have bits left over from all the socks I've made so far.  There are a couple more in the bowl that you can't see.  Under the neon on the left.  So, really I have enough for 14 squares without breaking into unused skeins.  That's a good start and I think the point is that it's a long term project.  What's stopping me is that I don't like garter stitch.  Most of the patterns I've seen are garter stitch mitered squares, which I think makes for a little thicker square than maybe stockinette would be?  So I'm still just considering it.
I'll leave you with this silly sweet puppy here.  Rocky sometimes likes to snuggle his bear on the couch, and I got a good picture of it the other night.  He is so sweet and lovey.

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