Sunday, December 13, 2015

snow days

Yesterday it snowed allllll day long.  Best part is that I didn't have anywhere I needed to be so I got to have a real snow day!  Cozy and snug in the house while it snowed as much as it liked outdoors.
I received a much anticipated parcel yesterday in the mail!  I actually won something!!!  This is from Leigh, which she has the blog Louleigh.  Click on the link to her blog and she also has a podcast and etsy shop which are all linked on her blog.  But anyway, I found her from the Bakery Bears Ravelry forum.  Her comments were clever and funny so I checked out her profile, which had a link....and you know how that rabbit hole goes! ha!  On one of her recent podcasts she was talking about Shetland Wool Week and said she'd like to offer a giveaway of a tote and pattern booklet.  And I won!

Look at that cute sheepie tote!!!  It's pretty huge!  Also she put some little extra goodies which was very nice.  I just have to say how special it is to connect with others over this crazy internet.  To find people who share this fibery hobby, that are in so many ways kindred spirits.  When I started my blog I was totally copying my friend Jennifer, Rosey Little Things.  I saw her blog, sharing her crafts and thrifts and such and I felt a pull of "I could do that". Not so much in a competitive way but more like I wanted to be a part of it.  

I haven't ever sought followers, or tried to be hugely "out there" if you know what I mean.  Because my blog has also been very personal and a journal.  But!  The connections to others that get what I do is priceless to me.  All that to say I'm so glad to have "met" Leigh :)

This morning I was shoveling a little path from the back door out to the craft house and I heard a cracking sound.  But didn't see anything.  Back in the house I saw out the window that branch had fallen in the park across the street!  Yikes!  Good thing it wasn't on a car or house.
Rocky does appreciate the little path I made.  He could almost blend into the background!

So yesterday I finished the quilting on these pillows.  The top one is a gift for Jan and I had actually gotten it all finished last weekend.  The bottom one I am keeping because it came out pretty wonky in the center.  Sometimes quilting can sort of camouflage imperfections and I think it did help but still pretty noticeable.
 I do really love it still!

In knitting news I started a new project.  Because Christmas.  It's a bankhead hat.  I started it Tuesday and haven't really given it as much time as I should.  The yarn is Madelinetosh sport in the colorway Aura.
This morning I clipped Rocky's nails, which he HATES! and fights me horribly.  Well, repeatedly pulls his paws away just as I'm trying to line up the clippers.  Here he is trying to avoid looking at me.  But, we got it done and now I can tell his feet do feel, in fact, better!  He acts like I abuse him while I'm trying to clip!  Maybe he had a traumatic puppy experience before we had him? idk.
While I've been writing the sun has come out!  And there are strips of blue sky peeking out.  I do have to go out today, stock up on food for the week.  And I'm going to meet Jan to watch Mockingjay 2, which I've already seen but wanted to see again.  That will be a nice wrap up to the weekend!  I hope you're all keeping cozy and well.

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