Saturday, September 19, 2015

oh baby {quilt}

I almost forgot to post this!  I finished this baby quilt that I had started a few months back.  I got distracted from it for a bit....and then realized that the recipient was due soon so I'd better get sewing!

I'm really pleased with the results!  I did straight line stitching that echoes the chevron shapes.  I used my even feed foot on my sewing machine for the first time.  I do think that it helped with puckering and pulling on the back.  Possibly.  I guess the only way to tell is to quilt something without it and compare?  

It's bigger than crib sized because I thought this way she can use it longer and as a lap quilt.  Oh!  I did something I don't normally do on this one.  I had an aha! moment while I was doing the quilting and trying to keep my lines fairly even and straight.  It dawned on me, why don't I draw some guide lines???  duh.  Maybe everyone does that - but just in case - do yourself a favor and draw some lines on with disappearing ink.  I used one of my clear quilting rulers so they are easy to make even measurements.  I used a water soluble ink pen that I rubbed off before I washed the quilt and it seriously saved my bacon!

I gave Meghan this quilt last week and this week she had her baby!  It was perfect timing.

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