Monday, July 21, 2014

SD fam time

While I was in San Diego the weekend before last I took the most random pictures!  I didn't seem to have my camera with me when the whole family was together and then when I had each individual I guess I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture!  Rest assured though I did have a good time with everyone and nice fellowship.
This is a statue of Jesus and Paul at Point Loma Nazarene College.

Two very silly chickens that run amok in the backyard.

My MIL Caye showing her right-out-of-the-oven peach pluot cobbler.  The peaches and pluots were picked fresh from trees in their back yard!  yum

One of my sisters in law, Lacey and I at Ocean Beach.  It had rained about an hour earlier so was overcast but nice and warm.  I should mention that I am not a short person at 5'6" but everyone in my husband's family is super tall!  I think Lacey is the runt at 5'9" or 10".  It's good exercise to be around them though, to try and keep up with their long legs :)

Socks finally finished!  And Caye modeled them nicely.  They fit really well which was a relief!

This was taken the morning that I flew out from SD, it was super warm but overcast.  I had found a bench at a park at Point Loma overlooking the dorms and the ocean.  It was a great trip.  We all watched the last World Cup game on Sunday, which was so funny!  The game itself, not funny, but the announcers and then our commentary was.  Spending time with Scott's family is a memory I will treasure.

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