Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Let's discuss the socks I'm currently working on!  I realize that these are super bright and not everyone's cup of tea but I love the yarn!!!!  I remember when I bought it I was at the coast at the tiny yarn shop in Crescent City that I love and I saw it and was like gah! I had to have it.  It's Plymouth Yarn Neon Now 75% wool 25% nylon.  

I don't love the way it feels to knit.  It's sort of scratchy even though it has the nylon.  I'm doing a toe up sock as I have for the last 2 pairs I've knit.  I do intend to try out cuff down to see which I prefer.
I just liked the way my polish matches the yarn in the picture.  This week I tried something I saw on pinterest where the polish was dotted along the edge in white.  I like the way it turned out, it's fun!
And this picture is a little bit wonky but shows the heel there on the left.  I tried something new!  I don't know when I started hearing about the Fish Lips Kiss Heel but I did somewhere and everything I had heard was that it was easy and fit well.  Before I purchased the pattern (only $1!) I thought it was a different technique for an afterthought heel.  Not so.  Usually I like to read through a pattern and get this gist of what I'll be doing before starting.  I read through and didn't really "get" what I'd be doing but just jumped in with youtube stitch tutorials at the ready.  I figured I just needed to trust the pattern, right?  LOL I know I made one mistake because I didn't understand the stitch but didn't realize until a couple rows in but didn't rip back figuring it's just one stitch, right?  Well, there's a teensy hole but I know it can be fixed but reinforcing a bit.

Truthfully, for me, the jury is still out on the FLK heel.  I'll know if I love it after I do the next sock (with no mistakes!) and when I can put them comfortably on my feet.  I did make another mistake which I did rip back because I didn't realize I was supposed to have started knitting back in the round again - oops!  I was going to ask a question in the forum on Rav but in reading the other questions realized that no one else had made that mistake so it must have been my rookie mistake.  Again, experience building, yes?  

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