Sunday, July 27, 2014

One sock down

The weather up here this week has been considerably cooler, like 40-50 degrees when I wake up.  It does warm up during the day and is mostly always sunny even when it's chilly.  But!  Weather like this just makes me want to curl up with a movie and knit even more.  Today I'm wishing I had thought ahead and put something in the crock pot!  Eh.  I may put some frozen chicken and a potato in later, that will be nice.

I finished sock #1 of the neon socks last night!  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I tried that new heel, fish lips kiss heel, and I like it.  Once I could put it on without the needles it really cups my heel nicely.  So there's a win!
I went with a sort of middie length, not super short but not tall either.  I feel like this sock went pretty fast and I'm hoping the second does as well.  I have definitely caught the sock knitting bug!  I cast on sock #2 late last night.  One thing is that the way the yarn stripes I don't think they are going to match, and I'm okay with that because these are just for me and they are whimsical anyway!  

It's funny because at work I've never been much of a break taker.  I've done my fair share of farting around at work and just considered that a break, you know?  Mostly I've also had receptionist positions where it's not really convenient to leave the desk empty for 15 minutes.  But, working on Caye's socks and trying to get them done before my trip I started taking breaks at work.  I set the alarm on my cell phone so that I don't space out and just knit for 15 minutes straight!  It's wonderful!  And I can get quite a few rows in that time.  So, I've continued my sock breaks and I think that's why this one just hummed along.

In other news I'm seriously looking at a new sewing machine.  I've got two that both have little issues that make it frustrating at this point to sew.  I read a lot of quilting blogs and the Juki looks like a great machine for quilting, it's got a huge harp space and is very powerful, all metal.  But!  It only does a straight stitch.  So, one blogger says you still need another machine to do any other stitches you need to do.  But she also recommends not getting a computerized machine, which the Juki isn't.  So, now I'm sort of shying away from that machine though because if I'm going to spend $1000 on a sewing machine I want it to do more things.  Which lead me to a Janome machine which is computerized but  is also heavy duty for quilting, large harp space and for the same price has more stitch options.  Not many because it's calling itself a no fluff machine.  But, right now that's the one I'm leaning towards.  I did also find a store in Medford that carries Janome machines so will make the trip over there pretty soon.  Maybe next weekend?  I'm going to call this week when they're open to see if they carry the one I'm looking at.  Also, Joanne's online carries it so that is also an option and I have a $20 gift card I can use towards it.  

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