Monday, March 31, 2014

fun packages

This was my week for packages!!!!  Fun packages :)  Tuesday night I came home to a box from my Mom FULL of fabric!  I didn't get any pictures because it was too dark and I put the fabric directly in the washer for pre-wash.  It was a nice surprise.  There were two really big pieces that she got a good bargain on.  One is a cream back round with roses that is flannel.  I'm not sure yet but probably a good quilt back.

Saturday morning I worked at the office and when I came home there was a big box on my porch taped shut.  No labeling on it so I knew it wasn't from the mailman.  My first thought was I hope it's not a bomb!  Silly. Then I remembered my friend Savannah had said she had sewing stuff from her Grandma (I think) that she was going to send down with her sister in law for me.  This box was chock full!  All kinds of stuff!  Fabric, buttons, tons of little hand sewing needles, bobbins, thread, you name it.
There are two sewing baskets.  I really like this bigger one that opens like a picnic basket.

Here is the smaller basket.  I asked Savannah today what kind of sewing she did because there are so many little hand sewing needles.  She said quilting and applique.  I can't imagine!  Such patience and work.
Here's a picture of these two little pin cushions that are so cute!  I don't know if I'll use them or not but they are so cute!
 If you could use any little hand sewing needles or those little threads let me know and I could pass them on.  

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