Saturday, March 15, 2014

grab bag

Maybe a couple months ago I went to check out my favorite thrift store and there was a note on the door that they were in the process of moving and wouldn't be open until the end of February.  So last weekend I thought I'd check the new place out.  It's in an old furniture store so there is lots more square footage.  I ended up with one grab bag of fabric, some remnants for super cheap and some larger pieces.  

Hard to tell in this picture but the far left is little strawberries :) The blue and far right were in the grab bag.  It's a thicker cotton, almost canvas-y sort of feel to it.  I really like the blue. In this pic the one on the left is about 2 or so yards and it's a nice quilting cotton.  The red is like the thicker cotton in the above picture, I just really like the print.

 Okay, so this set of pics is my favorite two.  The left is a super, super light pink with little objects printed white so a little hard to make out in the picture.  It's got little kitchy items, a church, a duck in water, a milk maid, heart, some flowers, leaping kitten.  It was super cheap like .75 cents for almost 2 yards!

The one on the right reminds me of Liberty London tana lawn betsy print.  I know it's not the same put similar.  Best part?  There are 3 pieces that are like 1/3 yard each $1 and liberty london is going for like $27 a yard!  Who can afford that?  NOT ME but it sure is pretty.
 Here is a little close up of that light pink.  I just really like it.  Sometimes you see something and it's just like "yeah", you know?
So it's been really springy the last few days, very sunny.  Still brisk but warmer.  My tulips are all up but no buds yet.  Daffodils are up and a few buds but no fleurs as of yet.  I love tulips and daffodils, and this year I think I'll put in some irises.  When I was a little girl I would take off the tops of the tightly wound irises and use them like chalk on the sidewalk, I could usually draw a lot with them before they'd crumble or run out of color :)

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