Sunday, October 21, 2012

last zucchini

Alright then, in my last post I was totally geeking out.  Still am a little.  I have 2 table runners done and really only one is up to my liking.  I have a fall one and a Christmas one.  The Christmas one I am not completely happy with so we'll see if I'll send it along.  I started another Christmas one, so we'll see if it turns out better.  And really maybe no one will buy anything I have anyway.  Ugh.  This, right now, is exactly why I never wanted to do a craft faire.  The feeling like I could barf and nerves and then feeling like maybe it is good enough and then what if it doesn't sell and then that meaning it wasn't good enough.  Yuck.

Anyways......yesterday I made a veg soup in the crock pot, it was delish.  I picked this little zucchini to add to the soup. Isn't it pretty? LOL I was talking to my Mom yesterday after I had started the soup and I was telling her about the zucchini and she said "I'll bet you took a picture of it." Yep! 100_3248[1] The sad thing is that it froze last night and so did my plants. Boo. So, I have two zucchini that were on those plants that I think are salvageable but the plants are dead. I took this picture of George this week. Every day I come home and she's in the front window and I say "I have a cat in my window!" Nerdy, I know! George in the window So, here's the view of her from the inside looking out.

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