Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Okay, so my partner in the Ugly Fabric Swap has rec'd her package so I can now share the awful with you!  They are not all the worst in the world, but I haven't used them and figured it is time to pass them on.  I get the feeling from her post that she hates them.  For that I am sorry but it's kind of the point.  I am confident she will find a way to work with them, though, as I have the yuck she sent me :)
 At first I thought the far left fabric wasn't too bad.  But, then trying to fit it together with anything else has been sort of a challenge.  She sent 3+ yards of that dark teal/black check so I knew I would really have to find a use for that in a big way.  I've decided the striped one is going to be the binding.  The white can't be used because it's too thin.  I'm using 2 yards of all the others though so I know I won't be breaking the rules.
 And, since I like to try new things and challenge myself I thought this would be the perfect time to try out triangles!  I've wanted to check those out for awhile so I bought a 60 degree template at Joann's and started cutting.  This is what I have so far:
 I'm thinking it's not that great of a picture, but you get the idea.  You can click on the picture to get a closer view.  I'm still in the staring at it phase so this is not totally concrete.  I was going for jewel tones and so far I like it.  I figure I can use it as a picnic blanket, not that I'm going on picnics all the time.  Something I don't care if it gets dirty.
And, the other thing I made this weekend was this little framed page.  The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is this weekend and I found those word things as a free download!  The dark red was also a free download.  So, now that's on my little table with my patriotic runner underneath.  Hey, two holidays for the price of one, right?  Memorial day (US)and the Jubilee (UK) :)  A coworker and I are planning to have a little tea party on Sunday to celebrate, it should be fun!

What's everyone else up to lately?  I know I made a half-hearted effort to bring back Weight Loss Wednesday and I'm still thinking that's a good idea.  So far, no weight lost - see why it's a good idea?  LOL  I have been going to zumba at the Y here in town, it's been fun!  I know I look like a total white girl trying to dance so I'm sure it's a laugh for others there too.  I'm going to maybe be brave and go to a water aerobics class......although the thought of being in a swimsuit in public is a little horrifying.  But, I do love to be in the water so I might just get over myself.  This weekend is supposed to be nice and warm so I'm hoping to ride my bike as well.

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