Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Case of the Uglies

Not sure if I mentioned that I am participating in a quilting challenge.  It's the In the Bag Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge.  I received my fabric over the weekend.  100_3093[1]Honestly I don't think it's too awful.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I sent my fabric out today, I'm a little late but have been preoccupied!  I don't know what my partner will think about what I sent her.  I'll post pics when I know she's gotten it.  I don't think it's particularly ugly per se, but definitely not anything I would ever use.  So, better to pass it on :)
So, now to think about what sort of pattern to use.  The rules are that we have to use 90% of what is sent to us.  That top white printed fabric is really really thin and there is like 2-3 yards of the checked fabric so I might be able to get away without using the white one at all.  I was thinking like pinwheels or maybe triangles?  Still thinking on this one.
So the big new is that my Mom retired!  She is adjusting quite nicely!  Last weekend was a party for her retirement so I drove down for that.  It was fun.  The best part was seeing her with her friends, in her element and having fun with everyone.  Laughter was abundant, along with great food and conversation.  The whole thing was just great!
The weekend before that was a scrapbooking weekend so I really feel like I haven't sewn anything in ages!  Yikes!  I'd better get busy.  Good thing it's a 3 day weekend :)

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