Sunday, November 21, 2010

because everyone wants a fairy tale, right?

Okay, not an official one, because I sure don't want to be eaten by a wolf or locked in a tower for prince charming to climb up my hair or anything!  But, maybe a little table runner type?  I think last year maybe at the rummage sale I snagged some books that had been discarded from a school that was shutting down here.  I love the illustrations in some of the old books.
The book that inpired the table runner
This one I originally thought I'd like fo use for embroidery, like I love the little flowery things on the title lettering.  But I haven't been doing much embroidery lately.  I bought a fat quarter of Heather Ross' Far Far Away II owl and pussycat in lilac and have been wanting to use it in something but also feeling extremely stingy with it because I just have a teensy bit. I picked up the book a couple weeks ago and the backround of this page caught my attention:
I've loved the look of light/dark contrasting squares either in a log cabin or triangles. I started rummaging through my stash looking for jewel tones and picked out some of my faves.  What do you think?
Fairy Tale Table runner
table runner back
Fairy Tale Table Runner
That dark purple with the little blue flowers in the lefthand corner might be my favorite fabric right now.  The quilting is a little wonky, I think I was just kind of done and started hurrying through.  It's not terrible per se, just not perfect.

In other news, it is officially Winter here!  It has been snowing off and on all day, which is fine by me since I've been cleaning - ugg.  Unfortunately it must be done.  The good news is that I sorted through some more magazines to drop off at the library.  There is a table in the foyer where people dump off magazines or books to share with others.  I've often found some really great magazines to look at.

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