Saturday, November 27, 2010

baby it's cold outside!

So how was your Thanksgiving???  Mine was good, ate too much but it was fabulous!  Last night it snowed some more, and this morning.  I have no idea officially how much snow but there were at least 4-5 inches on top of my car this morning.  The dogs are loving playing in it, Joey runs and bites at the snow.  It's funny to watch.  June pretty much would rather stay on the couch where it's warm.
Here's an icicle hanging from the back porch, it sort of melts during the day, but then re-freezes over night.  Today it's 35 degrees which is pretty warm compared to last week!
giant icicle
I took this picture at work, the snow started to melt off the roof, but then by the time the sun started to go down behind the mountain it refroze!  Doesn't it sort of look like a snow wave???
snow wave
So, since it's super cold and stuff, I have been sewing. What else is new? Like maybe a month or so ago Karlie gave me a giant stack of quilting magazines to look through. I picked out a few that had projects I'd like to try and took the rest to the library. In one of them there was a double wedding ring quilt instruction thing with a template. There's a pickledish quilt along going on over at Comfortstitching, which I thought about joining but haven't - didn't really want to do a whole quilt really. So, when I came across this article I thought - perfect! And, since it's almost Christmas I thought I'd make just one ring and possibly give it as a gift. So, the thing is that I really like it. BUT the corners are uber tricky so it doesn't really lay completely flat! I'm not sure how to remedy the situation and so I don't think I can give it to anyone, you know? Not that I ever make anything perfect, I just don't want to give something kind of sub-par.
Christmas ring
Back of Christmas ring
So, what I think I'll do is check out the quilt along and maybe just do one pickledish circle thing.  Maybe that will be better?

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