Friday, November 12, 2010

another runner...

So I mentioned last weekend that I made a Christmas table runner, and here it is:
Crhistmas runner front
back view:
Christmas runner back
folded up, so you can kind of see the quilting a little closer:
runner folded up
My machine was having major tension issues and the lighter green that I used on the border was thicker than usual so I don't think it was liking it very well.  Overall I think it turned out alright.  The fabric I used for the back I've literally had in my stash over 5 years.  I want to say I bought it when we first moved here which would've been at least 8 years ago!  I bought it with the intent of making a runner with it, before I started quilting I would have just sewn up a hem around the edges and called it good. 

So, in bible study we've been listening to CD's that Sherry has of So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.  Of course, we all knew we have some insecurity to deal with, and in true Beth Moore style she nails it right on the head!!!  We've been listening to a couple of chapters at a time, and then discussing them.  It's interesting which insecurities we have in common and thinking about what my secret insecurities are that I would just never vocalize.  Not because they're creepy or gross but because sometimes I just don't want anyone to know everything about me.

It's definitely become crock pot weather here!  This past week it snowed again, has had frost every single morning and been under 30 degrees every night.  I know it's way colder but since I can't think of an exact number I'll just put it that way.  Keeping the chill in mind, I will be staying inside mostly this weekend.  5 things I'd like to do this weekend:

1. Finish the runner I started this week (big surprise!), it's in a theme of "fairy tales".  I buy older books sometimes at yard sales, thrifts and such and have this one book from the 70's that has the greatest illustrations that inspired this particular runner.
2. Make something yummy in the crock pot!  I was craving roast the other day, but today taco soup sounds yummy.  It doesn't matter what I make, it's always delish in the crock!
3. Find a new book to read!  I haven't wanted to read any of my books in my queue so I need to find something fun to read.
4. Scrapbook with Jan.  She invited me over Sunday afternoon to do a little cropping.  I have a project in the works so it will be perfect!
5. Start a Christmas wreath.  I had an idea that involves yarn and one of the vintage deer and possibly some flocking :)  Sounds good, yes?

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