Wednesday, September 1, 2010

super secret idea brewing

So excited right now! So, we have a really cool new employee at the office and he (yes, we have a dude employee and it's sweeet!) had the best EVER idea for a wreath. The sad part is that he totally was a little bit joking and didn't expect me to probably take him seriously, but guess what??? I did. As did Karlie. We immediately started brainstorming and I can't wait to make it! So, I don't want to jinx anything in case it turns out if it turns out cute then I'll post pics.
In other news, I tried out a square last night for my month for the Vintage Sheet Quilting Bee and, um, not sure yet. Which frankly is not good because, guess what? In case no one else noticed it's already flippin September! Yikes. And it's already my month which is a little nerve-wracking.

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