Friday, September 17, 2010

Feels like I won something!

But I didn't. I rec'd a really cool package from my Mom, which sometimes is better than winning something! I think I mentioned a little bit ago how we went to the quilting store in Chico when we got back from Florida. Well, we were in there on a Tuesday and that coming Saturday was going to be their annual "yard sale" sale, which I was going to miss since I don't live there. Mom said she'd try to go back and get a few things and hopefully she'd remember what I liked. Here's the thing about my Mom: she doesn't have the best memory! So, I kind of figured that I'd maybe get something I had shown her, but probably not, which is totally fine. Because she has good taste so even though it's a little different from what I would have picked, it's still fun! And, check out the loot! It's stacked on my ironing board so the sunflowers are not part of the package, I was just ironing it after washing. She also put some embroidery patterns in there along with gummy candy - which is long gone by now! I had so much fun going through everything, and have a few ideas of what I want to do!

Okay, so what kind of crafts have I been working on since getting back home??? Well, nothing in my WIP pile, that's for sure! Oh well! So, on the weekend I wake up make a big cup of coffee and mosey out to the craft house to get into something. I usually put like a kleenex down under my mug, and always think "I need a coaster" except the coasters in the house are glass and too small for my mug. Also, I am totally loving making hexagons - and this is what happened! Okay, a bit about binding. The hexie flower was a total pain, I'm sure you can imagine! There's got to be an easier way. And plus I think I made the binding too thin so I really had to stretch it to hand sew on the back and it looks a little wonky. I'm not too concerned though since it's just for me.
Coasters front view
Back side: The pink binding came out very crooked (?) looking. Not sure if the fabric was too thin, or it was the hand stitching or what.
Coasters back view
And, then it's kind of like Pringles - once you pop you just can't stop! So I am making a set.
Coaster front
back view:
Coaster back On these I decided to machine stitch the bindings which I think came out better. The purple one I used transparent thread, which I have to say - not a fan! It's so tangly and breaks and grrrrr. I'm sure I probably had my tension too tight or something technical, yadda yadda yadda.
Coaster front
back view:
Coaster backCan I please just tell you that this fabric is one of my new favorites right now! Love. it. It's Alexander Henry all around the world. So fun.
What is everyone else up to???

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