Sunday, August 9, 2015

sewing and knitting and cleaning

This has been the first weekend in a few that I didn't have to be anywhere, work, travel or see anyone, really.  I have to say I got a lot done!  Yesterday I cleaned a ton.  When I'm busy or not home I tend to make little piles of clutter all over, which makes my anxiety level rise.  So, I dealt with a lot of that and laundry!  Remember the rummage sale that we did a couple weekends ago?  Well, I scored this bookshelf from that!  It had been sitting in my living room since the rummage sale!  

So, I lugged it out to the craft house and started putting all my yarn on it.  I've decided that I need a rectangular baskets to put some of the yarn in and one to put my project bags in.  The next shelf may be books.  Honestly I haven't decided if I want to break up my crafting books yet or keep them on the bookshelf they currently live on.

While in Chico last weekend for the reunion, Mom and I made time to pop into the fabric store.  And, it did not disappoint!  This time going in there I knew what they had and delighted by their new stuff.  So, I picked up a few cuts that I wished I had last time including getting more of a couple that I did.
Also!  Not sure you can make out the little scissors on top there.  But, I've seen those style scissors in a few yarn and quilt shops and never bought any.  But tiny scissors are so handy in project bags!  But seriously, those llamas are killing me! killing.  

Aaaaand this little gem.  Alllll over Instagram these dresses with the pockets started popping up.  I figured it was some trendy indie pattern that you had to download and pay beaucoup dollars for.  I was wrong!  I think possibly it started as an indie pattern but the designer sold it or collaborated with Simplicity to make it retail!  Yes!  Finally!  I knew once I saw it was an accessible pattern that I had to have it.  Drove right over to Joann's and it was the very last one!  
Now, usually I'll wait until one of their sales when patterns are $1 - 1.50each but no!  I bought it right then and there.  Still, it was 40% off so like $10!  I was happy as a clam.

Here's the worst picture in the world to show you the finished object:
So.  I didn't add the pockets cuz let's face it I'm a big girl and don't need more attention at my hips! ha.  The top solid fabric is actually an eyelet fabric I've had in my stash for years.  So I just will wear a black slip dress underneath.  The bottom is black with teeny white polka dots and daisies.  I added the white lace which originally I was on the fence about but I think it's gonna stay.

Let's talk about construction.  I had read a few people's comments about it being time consuming because of the binding covered seams and whatnot.  Here's the thing: I've been sewing a looooong time so I don't follow directions.  I use the pattern to get the shape and then I do what I need to do.  So, I only put in one dart in the front to secure the tie and I eyeballed it to where it would be flattering under my girls.  I just hemmed along the neckline and armholes instead of making binding.  Perhaps if I were using a more fray-able fabric I would do that.  But I didn't.  And it's fine.

I think this will be a staple pattern for me just like an A-line skirt and the Esme top.  I have plans to make the tunic version and a solid fabric version.  Maybe with elastic casing in the center front and back for shaping?  endless possibilities.

And, here's my knitty update: The thunderstorm MKAL.  I'm currently on clue 5 which is "downpour" and I'm about 1/2way through that clue.  I really really love this yarn!  It's actually two skeins that I am alternating.  One has the green and one is just pink and plum but they blend really well.  love!

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