Tuesday, February 4, 2014

new quilt start

First square of a new quilt :)  This is actually just a test square to see if I like the square size.  Back in the summer I bought this book, Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley.  There were a few patterns that I liked in it but wasn't really ready to start a new quilt.  One of the patterns I liked was this one, Little Wheels I think it's called.  Then last week I was surfing the blogs as I do and came across Blue Elephant Stitches and she had made that pattern but modified the size.  Honestly I hadn't paid any attention to the size of the blocks in the pattern since I wasn't ready to start a new quilt!  I really like the colors she's put together, it reminds me of the granny square quilt I made awhile ago, which actually I think the pattern/tutorial was also from that blog!

I'm not sure yet what my color scheme is going to be or if I will even try to make it cohesive or just go with a mix like the granny square one.  Here's the granny square quilt to refresh since I think it's been a looooong time since I wrote about it.

Right now I'm digging on the white center....but wondering if I might play a bit with a contrasting center square.  What do you think?  Oh the possibilities!

BTW I did pull out another UFO (unfinished object) and put it up on the wall and then remembered exactly why it was put away to begin with!  Uggg.  I really just don't like small squares, like ones less than 7 inches.  They are just fussy and annoying!  So I'm toying with ideas to try and salvage that quilt because I do like the bigger squares already made.  I'm thinking make the squares a centerpiece and add borders?  Or maybe just take out about 1/2 of the small fussy squares and replace with solid?  IDK yet.

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