Saturday, November 30, 2013


I made this zipper pouch on Thanksgiving to carry knitting projects in.  I'm loving it!  I started with 12 inch pieces, added the zipper, lining and interfacing to give it some structure.  I think I will make a few more so I can keep each project safe in it's own little bag! I have a bunch of whimsical fabric to choose from so they will be fun.  
Right now I have two knitting projects going.  One is an infinity scarf that Jan asked for and the other is a pair of socks.  

So! I got a new camera!  Walmart had this canon camera for a great price on Thanksgiving starting at 8pm.  Jan and I got to Walmart like 9ish and there were only 2 left! So far I'm just trying to figure it out, it's not as easy as my old camera.  I'd really rather just use my old camera that Scott gave me but I'm afraid to mail it to the repair place which is out of state.  What if it gets lost? ugggg.   Anyways, I have a trip coming up that I will absolutely need to take pictures so I had to get something.  Plus, I have these puppies that are too cute not to take pictures of!
Yesterday was Black Friday and I was up like before 5 on my own!  I thought I had set the alarm but really hadn't but it didn't matter cuz I was UP!  Didn't get much sleep honestly - I was SO cold, but also lazy and didn't want to get up and turn the heat up!  Finally I did at like 2 or 3 and got some rest.  I had staked out flannel at Joann's and they opened at 6am so I had a mission! It was dark when I got there and there was a long line waiting for the doors to open.  I was so tired and not paying attention that I went into the wrong store at first!  Sports Authority is right next door, so I got in line and followed them inside, the guy handed me a coupon and I looked at it and thought it was funny that sports authority was handing out coupons at Joann's, I thought he was trying to drum up business Baha! Got inside and it was completely the wrong store.  Walked out and the line was still there for Joann's, got in line.  Once the doors opened I made a beeline for the back of the store where the flannel was.  The flannel I was aimed for was gone, but I did find some other fun flannel for $1.74 a yard!

The next mission was for dog beds.  Ended up at Grange Co-op and they also had dog toys 5 for $10.00.  Rocky kills the squeaks so quickly that I bought 5 just for him! Joey doesn't care for toys, no interest in them.  I was done with everything by 7:15! And then I went to work, had waaaaay too much caffeine! Leftovers at Jan's for dinner and then I crashed!   I did really well on Thanksgiving, only cried once (!) but yesterday was not as good of a mood.  I blame the caffeine :)

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