Sunday, January 20, 2013

dolls and stuff

I have had a very productive weekend! First, a friend's daughter is having a birthday and I thought it would be really fun to make a red riding hood doll! I have been seeing them all over blogworld for at least a year now but never had an excuse to make one. 100_3281[1]100_3279[1] I had bought a book a few months ago about making dolls because I love making dolls and a little red pattern was included.  I did add a few extras that were not included in the pattern directions.  One was the little skirt that I had intended to be a little apron but once it was stuffed turned into kind of a skirt.  Also the button placket was supposed to be felt.  I'm not a big fan of felt on something that has the potential to be washed so I wanted to use the least amount possible.  The ribbon and rickrack were an addition.  I added beads for the little hairclip and also ponytails.  The little girl is blond so I thought it might be fun for her to have a blond doll?  Idk.

I am so close to being done with the squares for the arrow quilt.  Only 3 more blocks and then I can sew it together.  Of course, before sewing them together there is the staring period.  Staring and shifting.  Right now I'm trying to decide what colors need to be added. 100_3280[1]
And then I conquered something that I really didn't want to do.  Jan had asked me to make a couple of Mya's volleyball tshirts smaller.  She had taken them to the alterations store who was going to charge $25 per shirt to make them smaller!  Cuckoo.  So she asked if I could since she had seen a tutorial on pinterest and it looked easy but she doesn't sew.  Huh.  Yep, I could do it but here's something you may not know about me - I hate sewing knit fabric, buttons and zippers!  But, she said Mya is so uncomfortable in them and she's so petite.  I looked up a tutorial for reference.  I really liked this one but at first was a little afraid to cut the fabric.  Once you cut you can't go back.  The next one looked easier but I could tell that the underarms would have some weird bunching.  If you've sewn anything with a kind of corner you know that without making a notch it gets bunchy.  Well anyways I did sew the underarms and sides like the second one and it was uber bunchy looking and grody. 
Which meant that I would have to suck it up and cut the fabric and just pray I got it right.  Y'all my armpits were getting sweaty!  What if I ruined her tshirts????  But, thank God I've got some garment making experience and pretty much know how things should go.  Basically they turned out really well.  the second one I want her to try on and make sure it will be comfortable because it did bunch a teensy bit under the arms.  But.  I did get them really really close to the size that she needs.

I also got to talk to my Mom today, which was nice :)  She's in the process of using up her stash and making stuff!  We've talked before about how easy it is to shop and shop and have great ideas and then spend so much time doing that that we don't actually get to the doing part.  So, I'm proud of her for getting to it!

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