Saturday, November 3, 2012


So, some cool news this week!  There has been a weight loss challenge at work and the final weigh in was this week and I WON!!  The challenge stared right after Labor Day and I lost 7.1lbs and won $125!  So cool!  The next challenge started Friday and will end December 21st.  I have been doing lots of zumba and started a spin class last week and practicing what Jan and I call "dinnerexia"  which is just not eating dinner.  If I do feel hungry then I steam some veggies. 
An update on the craft faire thing.  I have 3 runners finished, 2 Christmas theme and one Fall.  Oh, and I learned something new!  It was painful.  I bought the newest issue of Quilty magazine (which I love) and there was an article about binding and it closed the binding with a bias seam.  Holy cow.  Trying to wrap my head around that was rough.  Maybe I just hadn't had enough coffee.  I would sew it together and it was all twisted.  I think I sewed that seam like a million times.   Then I was like I gotta figure this out.  I grabbed a scrap piece of binding and once I could turn it in my hands without the written directions then it clicked.  It looks so much nicer than the closure I was doing.  I can't find the tutorial I had used for that but it was just sewing a straight seam. 

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