Wednesday, November 7, 2012

and more random

Oh man, it is mid week and my tail is dragging on the ground!  I went to zumba after work and it was like my legs were lead!  Sometimes that happens where my brain tells my body to move and my body is like, um, no.  It's okay though.  Tomorrow is another day and I will have more energy.

I know I've been sort of quiet on here, but really it's because like nothing is going on.  Every time I go to write something it's like "that's too boring" or "that will be offensive" or a million other "that is...." so then I just end up writing nothing.  Life is just rolling along, nothing exciting.  I'm disappointed about some of the election results....but so glad the election is over!  I love to vote.  Love.It.  I could not wait to vote as soon as I turned 18 I voted.  I am reading a new book called The Fiddler, it's the newest Beverly Lewis book.  V. Sloooowwwlly.  And project wise things are kind of blase blase there too.  I will post pics of all the runners I've made once they are done.  Hmmmm, what else is up?  I did volunteer to decorate the office breakroom for a girly baby shower.  But that's really no big whoop because it's just at lunch time and will be super easy.  I'm hoping I can give it some kind of zing though so the mama-to-be will feel special even though it is just a lunch time thing ~ does that make sense?

Still no bible study.  I did check one out at another church and it just didn't feel right.  On a good note I did manage to drag myself to church Sunday.  I didn't get much out of the service though because the lady I was sitting next to kept going to the nursery and bringing back kids!  Ugh.  Squirmy, wormy LOUD kids.  Bumping into me trying to shush up kids.  And one of them wanted to go back to the nursery but the mom said "no, you chose to come back in here so you're staying."  Right.  So we all suffer because she couldn't put her parent pants on.  Sorry.  I know that's harsh.  But, really, who's in charge there?  So, four kids later and I couldn't really concentrate or hear what the pastor was saying. 

So looking forward to the weekend when I can sleep in :)

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