Sunday, June 5, 2011

office shower and reasons to wear sunscreen

So Thursday we had a little baby shower themed potluck at work for Karlie.  It was pretty low key, but I still wanted to decorate a little bit!  I put up a sign up sheet requesting decorations and also food items.  All in all I think it turned out pretty well!
office baby shower
Sharon made the garland, which turned out super cute.  I recycled the topiaries from the baby shower I did for Kristin, just repainted them and different colored poms.
close up of a topiary
Here's an up close of one of the topiaries. Honestly they are super easy! Jessica brought the tootsie pops, I had put them on the list but really didn't expect anyone to bring them! I think they just make the centerpieces more fun, and then everyone gets to take a yummy treat with them.
yummy cupcakes made by Savannah
Savannah made these cupcakes - from scratch! I'm super impressed. Inside each of them was a fun treat - either a caramel or andes mint! I had made the cupcake toppers a couple weeks ago.  Everything coordinated so well, the food was fabulous and Karlie got some great gifts!  Vikkie made the most amazing spinach artichoke dip!  I have never actually tried spinach artichoke dip because I detest mayonnaise and can't choke it down.  I've tried.  It doesn't work.  Anyways, Vikkie made a special variation of the dip without mayo, she ommitted the mayo and added more cream cheese - and it was DE-licious! 

In other news, Jan had a yard sale at her house Friday and Saturday and I helped out.  Friday was fa-reezing cold!  And windy.  I didn't dress properly for it because in the morning it was warm and sunny so I was wearing capris and flip flops - whoops!  Yesterday was overcast mostly but definitely warmer.  Guess who got sunburned.  ugh.  Just call me "rudolph"  My nose is bright red!  Seriously. 

I didn't take much to sell, just a few books, plates and some fabric.  The fabric all sold, one plate and 2 books.  LOL at least I wasn't counting on making my millions at that sale!  Everyone else had brought a TON of stuff and sold a good bit, so all in all I'd call it a success.  Surpisingly Friday was the busiest day!

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