Sunday, June 12, 2011

lodge quilt finished

The lodge quilt is finally finished! I finished up the binding today. I think it turned out pretty well, what do you think?
So, I realized that I never said where I got the inspiration for the layout of this quilt. I was trolling around looking at different blogs, when I came across this post. I had already taken the deer head panels and added the bear paw triangles to them, and was thinking "how am I going to mix this up?" I had dogeared some pages in different quilting magazines and I knew I really wanted to do some flying geese. So, when I happened upon that quilt I thought "I can improvise that" and that's exactly what I did. I did not buy the pattern, I printed out a picture and colored over some of the stars and made some trees, some geese, some deer heads. and I'm pretty sure that the pattern did not end up with 18.5 inch finished squares.

lodge quilt finished
The back was pretty fun.  As per usual I didn't have quite enough of any one fabric and I guess I really like flying geese right now!  I did however have an epiphany on this one.  The last quilt back I made kind of drove me crazy that part of the squares got cut off.  This time, I thought what if I make the triangles just wide enough and then add more blue backround on the edges to make it big enough for the quilt sandwich and then that part would be the part trimmed down instead of the triangles.  Does that even make sense?  Well, anyways, it worked out.  Back view:
back view of lodge quilt
Georgie peeking out from behind - so cute!
George peeking out
And of course, the folded view.
folded quilt
I did not get to any other projects really this weekend.  Mostly I just quilted and quilted.  This one ate a bunch of thread!  Saturday Jan and I went dress shopping which was a truly eye-opening experience.  I have not tried on dresses in forever and apparently I have forgotten just exactly how large my chest is!  Ugh.  Everything was too low cut or tight and accentuated the girls.  Bah!  the funny part is that when I was a little girl I remember crouching and putting my knees in my shirt and saying that was how big I wanted my chest to be when I was grown up - like Dolly Parton!  And, now I know better!  I don't think I'm Dolly Parton sized, but dang!

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