Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So, ladies night at Jan's was great fun! We laughed a ton, which we all needed. Sunday was the scrapbooking crop - I just worked on my Thanksgiving decoration thing. I really should think of an official name for it so I'm not rambling every time I explain what it is. I finally finished it up last night after bible study. I like the way it turned out! I also made this tote bag over the weekend with more of the fabric I'm loving right now. My embroidery skills are still not super fabulous but I really like the way this turned out. I drew the deer freehand and then traced over it onto the white fabric. I'm totally digging deer silhouettes right now so this makes me happy :)
I have a little confession. I think I'm in a "blue" period. I can't even articulate what I mean. I have done bible study after bible study and continue to ask God to change me, change my reactions, my feelings - everything. But I don't think I'm changing. And the sad part is that I know it's me. It's my fault. I have not been drawing close to Him, I have not followed through with scripture memory even though honestly that was helping me tons. And I think I just do that, run out of steam and then feel terrible. When am I ever going to get it through my head that I can't do this on my own energy - that I need to totally rely on God and let Him fill me up and get me through? One thing I am relieved about is that He is so patient and does NOT give up on me - or anyone else for that matter. In our video last night Beth Moore said "We get do-overs", and I thank God for that. Every day right now is a do-over.

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