Saturday, August 22, 2009

some relish, some Fall stuff

RELISH! Let's see, I think I made these jars on Tuesday night? After work. It's got yellow squash, red & green pepper, onion, and spices. I also added a couple cloves of garlic, but you really don't taste it. This time around, canning was a LOT easier! Apparently, though, I still can't read the recipe properly. It called for a small green & small red pepper, when I looked it over again after already adding both peppers, it only called for 1/2 cup of each and I had measured 1 cup of each. Whoops. Turned out just fine, though b/c without the extra 1/2 cup I don't think I would have had enough veggies to fill the jars. I guess that's serendipity!

Originally this weekend I had planned to bake.....but looks like that might not be what I'm doing. I love how I get a mental idea of what I want to accomplish and then the weekend turns out having a mind of it's own! So, yesterday I wandered aimlessly around stores - what was that? Turned out I was hungry and instead of feeling hungry I felt spacey....whoops. I did cut out a few quilt squares and worked on another Fall decoration. I know, it's not Fall yet, but I'm getting a head start - something a little new for me! So, this silly turkey I actually made a couple weekends ago. My Mom had given me all the fabric for it last Summer. He turned out sorta cute, huh? The hat might have to go, I'm not super thrilled with it. Okay, so then is this little pumpkin that I made up yesterday. It was from a pattern, I added the embroidery leaves on the front. I'm thinking that I will add a little raffia around the stem area, but I didn't have any in my craft stash - shocking!

So, the big news is that I finally finished a project that I have LITERALLY been working on for like 2 years. I haven't told the recipient yet, but I'm fairly sure she also doesn't read my blog. My best friend Jeannette had asked me to do a scrapbook for her son, the first 6 months. So, I have been working and working on it. Last weekend, DingDong Me realized that I had finished the first 6 months a looooooong time ago! Argh! so it has like 3 extra months in it. I usually like to end at a good place so it's ending right after Christmas. I can't wait to give it to her, hopefully she will like it :)
I also finished a knitting project, which I can't post a pic of yet b/c it's a gift :) I am finding that it's a whole lot easier/faster for me to knit with circular needles. Apparently I "prop" my needles in between stitches. I learned from a book, and so that's just the way that felt comfortable I guess, but it does slow me up a bit.

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