Sunday, May 22, 2016

more nest feathering

Oh my goodness this weekend.  I literally have not left my house.  Ok.  Except I did leave the house to go into the garage because it has a separate door.  Does that count?  Yesterday I thought maybe I'd go to a movie or go into town to rent a movie.  But, then that just felt like too much effort.  ha!    And today has pretty much been the same debate.  Like I know I'll need groceries for the week.  But, driving into town just for that seems lame.  I'll just go after work tomorrow I think.  Save gas.

 I have had human contact other than podcasts, so that's good.  Jan and her daughter came over yesterday afternoon so I could alter a prom dress.  Aye.  Chiffon is really not my favorite.  But, Jan's daughter is teensy tiny, like 5 feet and a size zero, so they got lucky to find a dress that even fit, it's just too long.  It turned out to be easier than I thought but I had them come back over today before I cut.  I was planning a skinny rolled hem so I did the first fold and sewed the liner and the outer dress and had her try it on again.  Then, cut and rolled that hem over to encase the raw edge.  Not hard, just nerve wracking!

Yesterday I put up this little lacy curtain in the kitchen at the top of the window box.  I wanted something that would still allow lots of light in and I think this does that.  I've had a bunch of different sized lace curtains for a lotta of years and this is the first time I've gotten to use them!  The others may not get used though because they are odd lengths.  Like not long enough to cover a window.  That little heart shaped glass is stained glass except the clear part has prism edges.
In other house decorating news I bought a bed for the spare oom!  I need to get some pillows and plain bedspread, maybe a bedskirt and some curtains in there.  Oh and a chair for the desk.  
I found this pillow in a box in the sewing room.  I think I had taken it out to the craft house before I moved to make another pillow case the same size and then packed it in with the fabric!  I'm sure I'm going to find all kinds of random in those boxes!  Here's a little close up, I just love these silly monsters!

In sock knitting this week I am almost to the heel of the second sock in this pair.  I am really loving these socks!  I decided to do stripes on the cuff and I like the way that turned out.  The greeny bluey main color is a much denser yarn which is super squishy!  With my last pair of socks I had written down the number of rows for each section and I have done that with these as well.  Because the yarn is denser I had less rows from the toe to get to the heel.

At the beginning of this week I had my first official dinner guests!  Scott's parents were in town for a couple days so I had them over Monday night for tacos.  It was very special.  I was so happy to share my new house with them!  Back at the rental I had them over for dinner some time after Scott had passed and I did not have a dining room or table to serve a meal at.  I did buy a small table to put in my kitchen so I'd have somewhere to serve from but it was still awkward.  That moment in time was one of the catalysts for me to start looking for a home with a dining room.

Fast forward to this week.  I was so pleased to invite them in, show them around, explain all the features that I love.  And then we shared a meal, visited and enjoyed the evening.  Even cleaning up with Caye was a pleasure.  I know that may sound silly, but for me it's not.  I've learned so much from her, so many little homemakery things that can be taken for granted sometimes.  So, for me to be the hostess and to put in practice things I've watched - it  was nice.  

Next month I'll get to have my Mom visit and that will be a pleasure as well!  My first weekend guest!  I am going to have so much fun showing her my home.   And we are going to plan plants and garden areas.  I'm very much looking forward to it!  

I am hoping to get more progress done in the sewing room, maybe shelves up in the closets and fabric sorted and organized.  I am very much looking forward to getting that room sorted.  The chair in there finally gave up the ghost today.  The legs have been wobbly at best and I did try wood glue but it was a no go!  I feel like I have so many ideas of things I want to make but I need to be able to find the fabric I want to use easily.  And I need to get a design wall set up.  Maybe projects for next weekend?

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