Sunday, March 13, 2016

moving update

I was so busy this past week that I didn't even know that it was daylight savings time.  I barely realized today was Sunday and thankfully was not expected at work!

Tonight is the first night sleeping at my new house.  Yesterday was moving day and it was a DOOZY!  First of all it was snowing sideways all morning and blowing wind hard.  I know the weather changes quickly here though so I didn't cancel.  Thankfully I have hardy friends who weren't fazed in the least by the weather.  I am so, SO thankful for my friends.  Truly I have received so much help, it's been amazing.

I thought I was going to have all the small stuff moved before moving day.  Which seriously I did move a lot but it was like where did all this junk come from???  There were bits of random stuff here and there.  In my head I pictured a 15 foot moving van that would be mostly empty because all there would be was a couch, armoire, dressers and bed.  HA!  Two truckloads later....

At the end of the day I had all my stuff here at the new house, but George, my coffee and a working shower at the rental.  So I horked Rocky in the car and we went back there last night.  I had left my air mattress there so I grabbed my sleeping bag and pillow and called it good.  Except it was not good.  Rocky felt that he needed to "share" the small air mattress with me.  But!  we made it.

This afternoon I decided it's now or never.  And I did not want a repeat of last night!  George did not appreciate the car ride at all!  But she did good and she is loving this house.  She has checked every room and is very comfortable here.  She's even snuggled with me on the couch. Awww.  Rocky is sound asleep on the couch.  I don't think he liked sharing with me either :)
Everything is still pretty much torn apart which is to be expected.  You can see how nice and bright it is though after painting!  The paint I picked is called "twinkle lights" and I really super love it.  The house gets a ton of natural light so it didn't seem very dark before but after painting it's even brighter.  Again, I have friends to thank for that, too.  A coworker volunteered her husband to come over with their paint sprayer and it was amazing!  

Anyways, that's all for now.  I just wanted to check in and let you know how things are going.  Have a great week!

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