Thursday, July 9, 2015

bright hot

Last weekend I was out of town visiting my Mom.  It nice, super hot, and really what I needed.  I could have done without the heat!  I left my house at 75 degrees mid morning and went down to Chico to upper 90's on Friday and 104 on Saturday!  Yikes.  To say I was melting is an understatement.  whew

But!  visiting with Mom was perfect.  Reminiscing and learning about her, quilt talk, garden talk.  All kinds of chatting and laughing.  I'm at a point in my life that I enjoy my Mom.  Yes, we drive each other a little crazy sometimes! but mostly she's pretty cool.  So, spending the weekend chilling at her house was just nice.

We did attempt shopping.  But seriously it was so hot.  One place that I really wanted to check out was the yarn store.  There is a really great yarn store there called Heartstrings.  I had printed out the pattern for the Thunderstorm Mystery Knit A Long and was looking for yarn for that.  It's my first shawl and MKAL!  I may have picked yarn that is not exactly perfect, but I really love the colors.  They are super duper bright.

I think that's all for now.  Sorry for such a short update.  I'm in a bit of a funk so not really chatty I think.  Everything is mostly fine, no worries.

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