Sunday, March 11, 2012

blah blah

Just checking in to let you know I'm still around.  I've had a very annoying cold that has just wiped me out!  I have just been soooo exhausted.  Rest assured that I have still been sewing in small increments of time....I just don't have anything exciting to show yet.  Yesterday I drove over to Medford and spent the day shopping, something I don't normally do.  But, the weather was nice and a road trip beckoned.  There's a store over there that I could definitely spend waayyy too much money in, Craft Warehouse.  It's got fabric, moda quilting cotton variety, it's got scrapbooking, beads, yummy candles, and TONS of ideas, there was even the mesh I wanted to try for wreaths.  I was very restrained because I didn't have a focus of project, or color so I did pretty good.  I did get some nice fabric though.  The Joann's over there had some great fabric and I also bought a book, Quilting from little things by Sarah Fielke.  She's one of the authors from Material Obsession but this one was on her own. 
Oh, yah, I signed up for an embroidery swap at Wild Olive.  Um, I'm sort of feeling like what was I thinking?  I have no good ideas and I'm not even that great at embroidery....I'm sure it will work out fine but I don't want to disappoint my partner.  Like, I kind of want to do something with a gnome and toadstool, natch.  But then I keep thinking a bunny would be cute.  I don't even know.
Today I'm just chillin.  Went over to Jan's to let her dogs out while she's at a volleyball tourney.  It's kind of weird to be at your friends house when they aren't there.  It's been snowing off and on, not the kind that is sticking yet, but it might.  Oh, did I mention I was reading the Hunger Games series?  I'm on the waiting list at the library for the last book so yesterday while I was at Barnes and Noble I read the ending.  It ends pretty close to how I wanted it to :) and yes, I will still read the book and enjoy it.

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