Tuesday, December 20, 2011

compassy quilt

Okay, so quilt is now together, quilted and ready for binding :)  This is a picture as it's taped down to my kitchen floor for pinning so I could quilt it.  I have to say, I really like the way this one turned out.  Not too crazy about the quilting.  I didn't get a pic of that yet, but figured since I'm driving my Mom crazy by not posting any pics I should just show what I have.  I lost a LOT of points by cutting the squares all to the same size, but the compass parts all lined up nicely.  I'll try to get an up close so you can see what I mean. 
 I was going to be stingy with the giraffe fabric, and kept staring at it before the borrders, then realized that I really just needed to use it because it wouldn't have been right with just the one border.  It needed both.  And, really, what is fabric for but to use it up, right?  I still have a teensy bit that I can eke out and add to other projects for myself.  I really do love it, it's wild.
So, mission almost accomplished, a quilt almost finished before Christmas.  I will have it done and ready to deliver by Friday!  Is anyone else doing a handmade Christmas gift for anyone???

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