Wednesday, November 16, 2011

new star quilt

So, I know that I was supposed to be working on my scrappy quilt and all but.....I had to start something new!  For some reason cutting loads and loads of squares before being able to actually sew anything is not so appealing to me.  Hmm.  I will come back to that project eventually but for now I need something where I can cut, sew, get up and iron, sew some more, you know?  AnywayI saw this quilt on Pinterest and filed it away as something I'd like to do someday.  And, now that I've relooked at it I've realized that I never noticed the gray in there before.  Don't know that I'll add gray to mine?  And, I also didn't really notice that the centers were a different color from the star points.  Funny how you can see something and then not really remember what you exactly saw.  That's okay though because what I'm making is my interpretation and I didn't intend to copy hers exactly anyways :)   Anywhoo, this is what I have so far.  Can I please tell you how much I love that darker blue square towards the bottom?  It' Holly Hobbie in the center!  Love.
100_2888[1]So, that's what's new here, what's new with you?

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